Emacs menu access when there is no menu

Short Version

M-` is very cool for navigating Emacs menus.

Long Version

Emacs always has a few surprises left for me. I typically run in a minimal mode with scrollbars, the toolbar and the menu turned off. I also find my self working in a non-windowed (terminal) version of emacs often.

However, I do find it useful to see what menu options are available for given mode. These options can point to commands that I never knew existed and get me one step more integrated into the environment.

Because I run in a simplified viewing environment, turning on the menu to see the options has been, well, a process. Ahh… If only Emacs had a "Text Mode Menu Bar".

It does. And it has a default global key, M-`, which runs tmm-menubar. From there, the interface is easy enough to understand (it also tells you how to interact).

Now I have an easy, built-in way to navigate menus without cluttering up my visuals.

Published on Friday, August 19, 2011. Posted in: emacs.